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BinaryAlert is a serverless, real-time framework for detecting malicious files. BinaryAlert can efficiently analyze millions of files a day with a configurable set of YARA rules and will trigger an alert as soon as anything malicious is discovered! Organizations can deploy BinaryAlert to their AWS account in a matter of minutes, allowing them to analyze internal files and documents within the confines of their own environment.


  • Built with Amazon Web Services (AWS): An AWS account is all you need to deploy BinaryAlert.
  • Broad YARA support: BinaryAlert includes dozens of YARA rules out-of-the-box and makes it easy to add your own rules or clone them from other repositories.
  • Real-Time: Files uploaded to BinaryAlert (S3 bucket) are immediately queued for analysis.
  • Serverless: All computation is handled by Lambda functions. No servers to manage means stronger security and automatic scaling!
  • Infrastructure-As-Code: The entire infrastructure is described with Terraform configuration files, enabling anyone to deploy BinaryAlert in a matter of minutes with a single command.
  • Retroactive Analysis: After updating the YARA ruleset, BinaryAlert can retroactively scan the entire file corpus to find any new matches.
  • Production-Ready: BinaryAlert ships with a custom metric dashboard and alarms which automatically trigger on error conditions.
  • Low Cost: The AWS bill is based only on how many files you upload and how often they are re-analyzed.